Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Little Rocky 2015 Call For Volunteers

HTRex will be manning Aid Station #3 for the Rocky Raccoon 10K/25K/50K on Saturday, November 7th.


A chance to give back to the sport, hang out, drink beer, watch others suffer, and make fun of their suffering. 

Volunteers are needed for the following shifts on Saturday, November 7th:

7:30am – 11am (~5 volunteers)
11am – 3pm (~4 volunteers)

Aid Station #3 is located at the Trail Head parking lot next to campsite #142 in the Prairie Branch Camping Area. (see map).
Volunteers will receive a unique Rocky Raccoon 25K/50K Trail Run t-shirt!

Please reply to Mariela at mvbotella@sbcglobal.net


Rocky Racoon 10K/25K/50K:  http://trail-race.com/rocky-raccoon-50k25k/

Monday, October 12, 2015

Spot On

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know.  I'm lazy.  I've been neglecting the blog.  Sue me (that's not a literal command, Dylan).  No, it's not original content, but it's pretty funny nonetheless.  (Source: http://semi-rad.com/2015/10/chart-running-10-miles-around-the-park/

Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer FatAssTic 3/6hr Challenge In The Ho

That time of year once again . . . time for the sweaty misery that is the FatAssTic 3hr / 6hr Challenge In The Ho!

Runners will have a choice of running as little or as much as they want, up to and maybe exceeding 6 hours and will travel through the beautiful, hot and humid HoChiMinh Trails of Memorial Park.

·        This is a Fat Ass event. There are no fees, no swag, no t-shirts.

·        This is a cupless event. Meaning you will have to supply your own drinking vessel if you wish to consume beverages from the Aid Station.

·        Share the trail with cyclists and pedestrians. You will not be the only one out there.

Timing: Run starts at 8:00AM, Saturday July 18th.
There will be a cut-off at 1:15PM to start a final loop.  If you haven’t started a loop by then we can’t promise there will be any ‘refreshments’ or people around when you get back.

Directions: Run will start by the Rugby Pitch. Park in the Footbridge parking lot.

Trail:  ~5 mile loops. See map. Print map. Carry map. Make map sweat proof.
Course will be ran clock-wise but, if you start feeling adventurous, you can run the other direction too.

Aid Station: Start/Finish aid station will be supplied with water, Gatorade and ice. Your car will be parked close to the AS so we suggest you bring what you want and use your car as your drop bag.
We also suggest you arrive early for primo parking spots!
We HIGHLY suggest you carry a water vessel while out on the trail!

Time Keeping: There will be a note pad, pen and a volunteer with a highly calibrated watch. At the end of each loop YOU will write your split time onto the notebook. If you forget…oh well. Catch the split the next time around, heck…you’ll be out there for 3-6 hours.
Please, no sweating on the notepad.

Results: Will be posted on the HTRex Blog when Miles gets around to it. http://www.htrex.blogspot.com/

Post Run: Stick around, sit down, cool down and have some refreshments with your fellow participants. Bring a chair and one to share!

Friday, December 19, 2014

ROCKY RACCOON 100 - Jurassic Park Road AS Call for Volunteers

This is the annual call for Volunteers for the upcoming Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile Endurance Run, held in Huntsville State Park on the weekend of Jan 31 – Feb 1, 2015. Once again, the race is serving as the USATF 100 mile Trail Championship.

As in previous years, Houston Trail Runners Extreme (HTRex) is sponsoring the ‘Jurassic Park Road’ Aid Station (see location link below).

Park Road - Where the stars hang out.

HTRex Captains:

  • AM Shift – Mariela Botella
  • PM Shift – Miles Klaff
The ‘Park Road’ AS is located at mile 15.61 of a 20-mile loop for the 100M.


The run starts at 6:00 a.m., Saturday Jan 31st and ends 30 hours later, at noon, Sunday, February 1.  HTRex will have 6-hour shifts available throughout the weekend.

"Breakfast Shift"

  • “No-stress Set Up” - Friday, Jan 30th @ 2pm -5pm (2-3 volunteers)
  • “Breakfast Shift” - Saturday, Jan 31st @ 7am-12pm (5-6 volunteers)

  • “Mid-day Shift” - Saturday, Jan 31st @ 12pm – 6pm (5-6 volunteers)

  • “Graveyard #1 Shift” - Saturday, Jan 31st @ 6pm – 12am (4-5 volunteers)

  • “Graveyard #2 Shift” - Sunday, Feb 1st @ 12am – 6am (4-5 volunteers)

  • “Walking Dead Shift” - Sunday, Feb 1st @ 6am – 12pm (4-5 volunteers)
Graveyard Shift - Fun Carnage Viewing!

If you can’t stay for the whole 6 hours (or if you want to stay longer!), that’s cool too – anything you can do is highly appreciated by the Race Director and all the runners out there who you will be supporting!

  • All volunteers will receive a unique Rocky Raccoon Buff
  • Volunteers will not have to pay the park entrance fee
  • Volunteers are eligible for Tejas Points! http://www.tejastrails.com/docs/TejasPoints.html
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner will be provided by Race Management

Contact Mariela at mvbotella@sbcglobal.net to volunteer!


From Houston - Take 45 North to Exit 109 'Huntsville State Park'. Make a left at the stop sign, you will go under hwy and head straight into the park.

Aid Station Location:

Access to the Park Road Aid Station is on the entrance road to the park. While the Aid Station itself is on the right as you come in, there is no parking at the Aid Station; there is a parking lot just past the Aid Station on the left side of the road. Please park here and be aware of oncoming traffic as you cross the road.

Dress Appropriately:

Dress comfortably with sturdy foot-wear. It should be in the 50’s during the day and as low as 32 in the morning and evening – but it’s Texas, so who knows. If you are doing the night shift, wear lots of layers to stay warm. We will have at least one large heater and a generator running during the evening hours.

Feed the Masses:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided by Race Management for all Volunteers on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday morning. Always a good idea to bring a folding chair and your own cooler with sodas/beverages/snacks for yourselves in case aid station food does not agree with your diet.

Equipment Needed:

We will need a few pieces of equipment and supplies.

  • CHAIRS – Everyone should bring one with them!
  • Blankets/sleeping bags – mainly for the night shift.
  • Specialty food items - you can bring anything you think the runners will devour!
  • Music – we will have an iPod music player, so you are welcome to put together a play list or bring your music player for entertainment.

NOTE: If you bring utensils or something you want to keep, make sure you have your name on them and take them back with you!!

Thanks for Volunteering!!

Mariela & Miles




Friday, December 5, 2014


Lone Star Trail Point-to-Point FatAss
March 14-15, 2015
Pi Day!
3.1415 9:26:53


Welcome to the first ever Lone Star Trail Point to Point (LST P2P) Fat Ass Run & Hike 35M/75M/96.5M on the Lone Star Trail in the Sam Houston National Forest, one hour north of Houston, Texas. Fat Ass means ‘no fees, no awards, no whining, no cups, minimal support and pure trail enjoyment’

Want to learn more about the Lone Star Trail (LST)? Celebrating its 20th year anniversary, the Lone Star Trail Hiking Club (formed on National Trails Day, 1995), has the best information. Don't hesitate to join and take advantage of all their great resources! We will be using their maps for this event. http://lonestartrail.org/
·         6AM Start (sunrise  ~6:30am) on Saturday, March 14th 2015 at Trail Head #1 Richards https://goo.gl/maps/PYB3u
Time Limit:
·         Minimal support goes away after 30 hours, at 12PM Sunday, March 15th
·         35M distance – no limit; should have ultra and/or long distance hiking experience

·         75M and 96.5M distances - Limited to 30 participants with ultra and/or long distance hiking experience

**Submitting your entry through UltraSignup does not guarantee entry into the fat ass**
·         Disorganizers will review entries and post the final list of participants by Sunday, February 1st

·         There will be no wait list

·         We reserve the right to reject any entry

Format:  Self Supported!!
·         No volunteers throughout the run,  but hopefully a couple at the 35M/75M/96.5M

·         We provide no food

·         We will provide water, ice and sign-in at noted Trail Head locations (see list of locations)

·         Participants must have a crew

·         Crew can assist from any trailhead location

·         Crews may not give runner a ride to the next trail head

·         You must sign a waiver and take care of yourself!

The Lone Star Trail is ~96.5 miles long and this is a point to point course
·         Start at Parking Lot #1 (Richards)

·         35M finish at Parking Lot #7 (Huntsville)

·         75M finish at Double Lake Recreation Area (1.2 miles past Parking Lot #11)

·         96.5M finish at Parking Lot #15 (Winters Bayou)

The trail is single track covered in soft pine needles but with lots of roots. It’s slightly rolling and sometimes very flat. There are low lying areas, so expect to get your feet wet sooner or later. There are a couple of river crossings and a lot of stream crossings. There are 16 miles of concrete/dirt road total, all within the first 68 miles. Be aware of traffic and the possibility of loose dogs on road sections. Wild animals live in the forest; you may see deer, armadillos, wild pigs, snakes, etc.

Aid Stations/Trail Head Locations:
Water/ice supplied by disorganizers at noted locations (see chart). Crews can support you from any trail head location
·        Trail Head #1 (Richards) @ Start https://goo.gl/maps/PYB3u

·        TH #3 (N. Wilderness) @ 8.7M https://goo.gl/maps/qljuW

·        TH #6 (S. Stubblefield) @ 15.8M (water and ice + sign-in) https://goo.gl/maps/86Kqj

·         Stubblefield Campground @ ~19.6M https://goo.gl/maps/4OW00

·         LST/Bath Rd  Intersection @ ~26.4M - http://goo.gl/maps/3iEmC

·         TH #7 (Huntsville) @ 35M Finish  (water/ice + sign-in) https://goo.gl/maps/xHYg9

·         TH #8 (Four Notch) @ 45M (water/ice) https://goo.gl/maps/7nCZx

·         FS 200 Intersection @ ~51.4M https://goo.gl/maps/XsJ0v

·        TH #9 (Big Woods) @ 62.8M https://goo.gl/maps/BdV5R

·        TH #10 (Magnolia) @ ~67.7M (water/ice) https://goo.gl/maps/W3PTO
·           Double Lake CG @ 75M Finish (water /ice and PI + sign-in)https://goo.gl/maps/HW3vt

·        TH #13 (Tarkington) @ ~82.8M https://goo.gl/maps/H37zs

·        TH #14 (Mercy Fire Tower) @ 91.2M https://goo.gl/maps/SGbBy

·        TH #15 (Winters Bayou) @ 96.5M Finish (water/ice + sign-out!) https://goo.gl/maps/CiSEi

·         TH #7 (Huntsville) @ 35Mà 6:00PM Saturday (12hrs at ~20:30 min/mile pace)

·         Double Lake Campground @ 75M à6:00AM Sunday (24hrs at ~19:20  min/mile pace)

·         TH #15 (Winters Bayou) @ 96.5Mà 12pm Sunday (30hrs @ ~ 18:40 min/mile pace)

·         You can drop from any location
·         This is a Fat Ass & you are responsible for yourself; we will not come looking for you
·         That said…courtesy goes a long way, let the disorganizers know that you are done!
·         Entrant will cover any costs associated with any 911 search and rescue in the LST instigated on their behalf – I have never known of this happening…don’t be the first!

Participant’s Kit:
·         If we must tell you what to carry, then you should NOT be doing this event

·         Use your experience and common sense to get your equipment and crew together


Camping is available at Double Lake Recreation Area (DLRA)


Double Lake Recreation Area (DLRA) will be ‘home base’ and also the finish for the 75 mile distance.

You can leave your cars here for the duration of this event. If you choose not to camp, be aware that there is a $5 day use fee per individual.

Runners will make their own way to the start location. You MUST have a crew to either drop you off at the start or pick you up at the finish.
**We will not supply any Transportation**
·        Start Location @ 6AM: http://goo.gl/maps/XtO3s ; ~45 min drive from DLRA

·        35 mile finishers Location; cut-off @ 6PM Saturday:  http://goo.gl/maps/0ZjPi (directions to/from DLRA)
·        96.5 Mile finishers Location; cut-off @ 12PM Sunday  http://goo.gl/maps/Ph24L  (directions to/from DLRA)

Drop Bags:
·         If we must tell you what to put in your drop bags you should NOT be doing this event

·         This is a self-supported run and drop bags are your responsibility

·         Crews are allowed at all trail head locations and can assist with food and aid

·       Can meet their runners at any trail head location along the Lone Star Trail http://lonestartrail.org/parking.html

·       Maps and driving directions can be found on the Lone Star Trail Hiking Club website

·         Allowed from any of the trail head locations at any mileage

·         Pacers must sign a participation waiver

Course Markings:
·         The LST is marked with silver flares on trees. Only follow the silver flares!

·         It’s always prudent to carry a map with you. You can download MAPRIKA to refer to existing maps of the LST
**If you run for more than a minute or two without seeing a flare you are off course. Don’t panic. Trace back your route until you find a silver flare and get on the correct trail**

·         Real bathrooms only at Stubblefield Campground and Double Lake Recreation Area

·         Please leave no trace while in the woods

·         You are responsible for your own safety and medical needs

·        Your crew will have access to all the trail heads and can follow your progress. You figure out how to communicate with them between trail heads

·        Installing MAPRIKA on your cell phone for map reference is a good idea

·        The only way out of the LST in case of an emergency is by calling 911 (the county sheriff’s office, closest volunteer fire department and the forest service will all be notified by your call)

·         You are responsible for costs associated with any 911 search and rescue activities initiated by yourself or on your behalf

·         Please leave no trace and do not litter

·         Pack it in, pack it out

·         Contact the disorganizer at h_t_rex@yahoo.com

Volunteer Needs:  Please follow this link to volunteer -https://ultrasignup.com/volunteer.aspx?dtid=17916
·         Sweeps 

·         Water/Ice Haulers

·         Mile 35 (Saturday evening)

·         Mile 75 (Sunday morning)

·         Mile 96.5 (Sunday afternoon)