Sunday, October 21, 2012

FatAssTic Challenge in the Ho 6hr Trail Run - Fall Edition

6:00 a.m., Saturday, November 10.  

Runners will have a choice of running as little or as much as they want, up to and maybe exceeding 6 hours and will travel through the beautiful, slightly deforested and much cooler than August HoChiMinh Trails of Memorial Park. 

This is a Fat Ass event. There are no fees, no swag, no t-shirts and no whining!!

This is a cup-less event.  Meaning you will have to supply your own drinking vessel if you wish to consume beverages from the Aid Station.
·      Share the trail with cyclists and pedestrians. You will not be the only one out there.

Got Trees?

We will be accepting donations (checks or cash) to the Memorial Park Conservancy for the purchase of TREES! Yes, the Ho needs to replace the trees lost during the drought of 2011 and here’s your chance to purchase a tree!**Donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for your donation**

Timing: Run starts at 6:00AM, Saturday November 10th. You will need a flashlight.

There will be a cut-off at 11:15AM to start a final loop.  If you haven’t started a loop by then we can’t promise there will be any ‘refreshments’ or people around when you get back.

Directions: Run will start by the Rugby Pitch. Park in the Footbridge parking lot.

Trail:  ~5 mile loops. See map. Print map. Carry map. Make map sweat proof. Course will be ran clock-wise…but if you start feeling adventurous, you can run the other direction too.


Aid Station (AS): Start/Finish aid station will be supplied with water, Gatorade and ice. Your car will be parked close to the AS so we suggest you bring what you want and use your car as home base.
We also suggest you arrive early for primo parking spots! We HIGHLY suggest you carry a water vessel while out on the trail!

Time Keeping: There will be a note pad, pen and a volunteer with a highly calibrated watch. At the end of each loop make sure your split time gets into the notebook. If you forget…oh well. Catch the split the next time around, heck…you’ll be out there for up to 6 hours. 
Please, no sweating on the notepad.

Results: Will be posted on the HTRex Blog when Miles gets around to it.

Post Run: Stick around, sit down, cool down and have some refreshments with your fellow participants. Bring a chair and one to share!

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